How much does a Treatment Cost?

Even though we try to be as helpful as we can we are the receptionists not the dentists and as there are many different clinical situations we are unable to quote costs of treatments over the phone this questions is best left to the dentist. There are times we can give approximate costs but these are rare as all patient have individual dental needs.

Do you treat children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme & Do you Bulk Bill?

Yes we do treat children under the Child Dental benefits Scheme & offer a Bulk Billing system.

What age should you start bringing your children to the Dentist?

It is a good idea to bring your children from an early age to familiarise them with the processes of the dental clinic. It is a good idea to bring them along with you when you come in for your routine check-up, we usually start with the fun things like taking them for a ride in the chair, counting their teeth so it is a pleasant experience for them.

Who are you preferred providers for?

We are a Dental Corporation Practice which is 'Part of BUPA' & also preferred providers for 'HCF'

Are you taking New Patients?

At Australia Fair Dental Care we welcome new patients, old patients, patients requiring emergency treatment or patients just passing through on holidays.   

What treatments do your offer?

We offer a wide range of treatments including

Do you have a Hygienist?

Yes we do have a Hygienist.

Do you have Happy Gas?

We do offer happy gas & can also prescribe a sedative tablet for the anxious patient, we can also organise to have your treatment done under a General Anaesthetic at a day theatre close to our practice.

Do you offer after hours appointments?

At Australia Fair Dental Care, we are open 6 days from 8am for your convenience. Our practice is also open until 7pm on Thursdays.