Calling sweet tooths, young and old! We all love a tasty treat, but are our kids’ teeth paying too heavy a price? Australia’s Oral Health Tracker shows that 70 per cent of Aussie kids consume more than the World Health Organisation’s daily recommended sugar intake. 

How is this happening?

It can be surprising how much sugar sneaks into our daily diets with fruit juices, yoghurts, cakes, pastries and lollies. And too much sugar can lead to increased tooth decay, gum disease and unnecessary hospitalisations.

But won’t kids’ baby teeth fall out anyway?

When your child’s baby teeth fall out, they’ll soon sprout a set of permanent adult teeth. While they’re busy growing and developing it’s all the more important to ensure your kids have great overall dental health—teeth, gums and saliva included! If their dental health suffers during this time, it can lead to future teeth spacing problems due to severe tooth decay and loss.

Uh oh, so what do we do?

Your child’s everyday diet can seriously transform their dental health now and in the long run.

They need a balanced and healthy diet that covers all the food groups. Here’s what we recommend and why.


☑ Milk, cheese and yoghurt. Dairy = calcium and Vitamin D, which shields teeth from erosion and cavities. Dairy helps strengthen kids’ tooth enamel and the bone that holds teeth in place. 

☑ Veggies with crunch! Think raw cucumber, celery, carrots and cauliflower. All of these fibrous veggies naturally scrub teeth and remove plaque build-up and debris. 

☑ Protein-rich foods like meat, eggs and tofu are good for teeth and gums, too! They contain important elements like phosphates and Vitamin D. Just remember to floss after eating meat!

☑ Wholegrain foods. Brown rice, oats and bran are choc-full of iron and magnesium, which help teeth and bones absorb the calcium they need to grow strong. 

☑ Nuts and seeds are tiny but powerful erosion-preventers. They contain minerals that strengthen enamel and healthy fats that make teeth resistant to cavity and gum inflammation. 


We’re here for healthy, happy smiles.

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