Oral health can have a huge but subtle impact on people’s everyday lives. Oral health affects the way we eat, sleep, speak and socialise. If we’re in pain due to an oral health issue, it’s going to weigh in on other areas of our lives. When experiencing oral health issues, the obvious damage is to the mouth however your general health can also take a hit. 


When people experience a pain in their tooth whether it be wisdom teeth coming through, an infection or a cavity, they will avoid foods that need to be chewed well or they’ll chew their foods on the opposite side of their mouth. People do this when they’re putting off the trip to the dentist and are just hoping the pain subsides. Putting off visiting the dentist is never a good idea and generally results in the issue becoming worse. Avoiding certain foods and only chewing on one side of your mouth are also bad ideas. 

If you’re not eating certain foods, there is a likely chance you are missing out on key nutrients your body is used to receiving. While eliminating certain food groups may help with the pain in your mouth, it is going to have poor affects on your general health and wellbeing. Our bodies need a balanced diet and if you’re taking away a range of foods because they’re difficult to eat, you’re taking away an opportunity to feed your body the nutrients it needs.

What to do? Visit your dentist as soon as you experience an usual pain in your mouth. The dentist can work to treat the problem immediately so you’re not in pain and can maintain your regular eating habits.


If you’re in a lot of pain, chances are it is going to affect your sleep pattern. If you’re suffering from any pain in your mouth, it can become unbearable, keeping you up and waking you up throughout the evening. Many people try to mask the pain by taking painkillers before going to sleep however as soon as these wear off, they’re often woken to a throbbing pain.

Getting broken sleep or not getting enough sleep at all can have a number of effects on your general health. Tiredness can be detrimental to your job, social life and exercise routines. Studies have also shown that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus such as a common cold. 

Now what could be worse than having a toothache? Having a toothache and a cold! So be smart and head to your dentist as soon as you’re feeling any abnormal tooth pain. (All pain is abnormal tooth pain!)


Who on earth wants to leave home to go and hang out with people when they’re in pain? Probably no one really. You should never let a sore tooth control your life so getting on top of pain as soon as you notice it is so important. If you’re missing out on social events or not catching up with friends because you’re in pain and not feeling up to it, you need to seek treatment and take control of the suffering.

These are only some of the effects dental issues can have on your overall health and wellbeing. Taking care of your oral health is a step in the right direction to caring for your general health. Putting good, nutritious food into your body, getting enough sleep and drinking enough water is a good place to start. 

When was the last time you had a checkup? Make an appointment today and get on top of any minor issues to avoid further problems down the track.