We always recommend seeing a dentist when a toothache strikes but we understand it’s not always possible to get in immediately. When a toothache begins, people often think the pain isn’t too bad so they put off booking into the dentist. The next 24 hours can often be terribly painful and can really throw a spanner in your everyday life. It’s really important to try and find some relief so that you can get through your day to day activities until fixing the root of the problem at your dentist appointment.

These are some tips and tricks we recommend to get you through a toothache that is not too serious or to help you until your dentist appointment.

1. Over-the counter painkillers

There’s no denying the extreme uncomfortability a toothache can put you in and masking the pain is often very necessary to be able to get through your daily activities. Over the counter painkillers can be really useful in providing temporary relief so your life doesn’t have to be put on hold.

2. Avoid hot or very cold food and drinks

These foods can really aggravate and irritate the tooth and area around your tooth which will cause more pain over the short period. It’s best to avoid these foods altogether and recognise when certain foods are making you feel worse.

3. Ice pack and elevate your head

Keeping your head above your body (i.e. propping your head up with pillows while laying down) will help the blood from rushing to your head. Doing this will help to avoid that deep throbbing feel that often comes with a bad toothache. An ice pack will help to stop your face from swelling up too much and relieve the pain somewhat.

4. Brush your teeth and mouthwash

It’s super important to keep up your oral hygiene while you have a toothache. It may feel a bit irritable moving your toothbrush around your mouth but doing it gently will help ensure minimal build up of bacteria. Just be careful around the sore tooth - you can even just dab some toothpaste on the area and brush around it.

When to visit the dentist?

Sometimes a toothache will come and go without any real cause for concern. A toothache can become a concern when the pain is really severe, lasts a few days or if you’ve had them consistently over a short period of time. We recommend visiting a dentist if your toothache has lasted more than 48 hours and the pain is severe, if you’ve had more than one in a short amount of time or if you’re experiencing other issues like fever, headache or you’re having trouble swallowing. 

If you’re experiencing a toothache, follow the steps above to help relieve the pain immediately. If the pain continues or is too severe, contact us to come in for an appointment and check what the root cause of your toothache really is.