The smallest decisions can make massive impacts on your dental health. Like choosing a toothbrush! Discover how finding the right toothbrush for you can make all the difference.


Why are toothbrushes so important?

It’s easy to think your strong pearly whites are indestructible. However, most toothbrush bristles are made of nylon. That means brushing can easily become abrasive and damaging.


Depending on your brushing style, the type of bristles you use and the size of the brush head, you could be doing more dental harm than actual teeth cleaning.


What’s the right toothbrush for me?

Every person and every set of teeth are different. When it comes to brushing your teeth, you have to remember the health of your whole mouth—your gums, tongue and saliva too!


So how do you find a brush that looks after all of your unique dental needs?


Number 1 tip

Most dentists will recommend soft-bristle brushes. Why? Because after two minutes of brushing, soft bristles achieve the best clean without wearing down your teeth’s protective enamel or irritating your gums.


Practice your brushing style

Soft, circular brushing motions are key to good teeth brushing. It’s easier than you think to wear your teeth and gums down with overly vigorous brushing. Check out our comprehensive teeth brushing and care tips here!


Electric vs manual?

Most of the time, manual is a reliable go-to. However, if you struggle not to brush too hard or you have limited brushing dexterity, an electric toothbrush might be a great solution for you. Some electric toothbrushes even feature a timer to help you brush for the ideal two minutes.


Select the right size

Think about all the nooks and crannies in and around your set of teeth. To ensure your toothbrush bristles reach all the way to your back teeth and those hard-to-reach areas, opt for a smaller brush head.

How often should I change my toothbrush?

Aim for every three months! And remember, if you’ve been sick, replace your toothbrush to avoid reintroducing those yucky germs into your mouth again. Pro tip: wash out your toothbrush holder regularly too!


More pro tips?

Talk to your dentist! Nobody is going to give better advice for your pearly whites. Simply book your next appointment and remember to ask for specific brushing tips for your unique smile.