As adults we often neglect the lessons instilled from us when we are growing up. There is no one constantly asking “have you brushed your teeth?”, and telling you to “remember to floss”. But no matter what age you are, practicing good oral hygiene is crucial so you don’t incur common dental issues. Often we discuss the issues children have when not looking after their teeth, so here are 5 common dental problem that arise with adults 

Root Infections 

Sensitive teeth can just be sensitive teeth, however you could be suffering from deeper issues. The sensitivity could be caused by a crack in your tooth or a cavity that has reached the center of the tooth where your nerves are located. This is actually a root infection and if not dealt with quickly, it may spread and lead to more issues.

Tooth Decay 

Although tooth decay and cavities normally occur in children who have more fragile teeth, tooth decay is very common in adults. You need to be just as aware of brushing your teeth, flossing and using best practices for dental hygiene as you do when you are a child. If the tooth decay is bad your dentist may suggest a filling or a crown to restore your tooth.

Gum Disease

The risk of acquiring gum disease increases with age, factors that contribute to gum disease include excessive alcohol consumption, poor oral hygiene and smoking. You should visit your dentist regularly to avoid this and make sure you are practicing good oral hygiene at home on a day to day basis.

Discoloured Teeth

A common dental issue as we get older is also tooth discoloration. This can be caused by a number of issues stains on the surface of your teeth or by changes occurring inside the tooth. Surface stains can be from drinking red wine, smoking, coffee and acidic. Intrinsic discolouration happens when the inner structure of a tooth darkens or has a yellow tint, and it can be caused by a range of things including tooth trauma.  Basic whitening treatments will be effective to help with surface stains, however you should always consult your dentist before starting any home remedies to solve your discoloration issue.

Teeth Grinding 

Many people grind their teeth when asleep and as a result, it can cause headaches, tooth sensitivity and a sore jaw. As this normally happens when sleeping it isn’t something easily stopped. It can be caused by stress or anxiety and it could also be due to a sleep disorder. If you experience this, you should discuss with your doctor or dentist to see how you can solve these issues that ultimately lead to teeth grinding. Your dentist will be able to organise a mouth guard. Other ways to reduce the problem include:

  • Avoiding caffeinated drinks and food

  • Avoiding alcohol, grinding tends to intensify after alcohol consumption

  • Try holding a warm washcloth against your cheek in front of your earlobe to soften your jaw before bed.


It is important at all ages to visit a dentist regularly to stop these issues before they arise, or catch the problem early to ensure it doesn't lead to further problems. If you suddenly have an issue with your teeth or any pains you should always just go and get it checked out.